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4 thoughts on “Status: In Class

  1. This chart kills me. Coming up on the end of my Undergraduate career, I started to see rhetoric everywhere. It became hard for me to write papers that required limited sources. Professors used to get on my case when I’d spit rhetorical theory with them–saying that they just wanted a seven page paper when I wanted to write fifty.
    The final semester, I thought I was getting closer to what I wanted to understand. When I cracked open Certeau, Todd, and Foucault–I fell into an existential and identity crisis. Did you know those are not the same thing and can happen at different times from one another?
    Yeah, I got blessed and had both of them.
    Those were some fun times.
    I didn’t get out of that theoretical bombshell without scrapes and bruises.
    But I feel wicked liberated since diving into it.
    It’s great!
    I sound like a madman to everyone I talk to, but I swear, I’m totally sane.

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    1. Wow!! This is amazing!! I’ve never thought of having identity and existential crises concurrently…but I think it happened to me 2 semesters ago!! I’ve never been the same since. Totally relate. Thank you for reading & commenting.

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