Dissertation Haiku, VII

Alone, dissertating 

About social support I write. 

Outside, fireworks bang. 


4 thoughts on “Dissertation Haiku, VII

  1. I want you to know I spent 6 hours yesterday trying to write a haiku before I gave up. Had the first line. Had the last line. Who doesn’t get the middle line?!? I don’t. Trifling.

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    1. In my DBT intensive training they had us write Haikus during mindfulness practice. It works if you don’t think about it. Set timer for 5 minutes and immerse…you’re a hell of a writer…so the form is liberating. And don’t worry about the syllable count too much. I go over sometimes. I mean, not going for Ezra Pound here, you know??
      Em Cee you rock big
      Always reading and liking
      You bring me smiles
      (Impromptu haiku for you)

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  2. Woman! I’m reaching my pattie’s up and typing this from the floor — you put me flat on my back! You rule. Thank god you’re out here …

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